Authentic Experiences, Valued Partnerships
Authentic Experiences, Valued Partnership.

Client Experiences

Expert advice and service

We have known Robert Taylor for more than thirty years and for the last 20 years Rob has looked after our financial planning requirements. We have been extremely happy with the expert advice, and service received during this relationship. Over the years our risk profiles have altered, and Rob has always been available to offer us various options and sound advice for us to make the right decisions. Due to this we have experienced great growth compared to market norms within the risk profiles we agreed too. We trust Rob’s insights in understanding the markets status and expected changes in the future. The constant communications and updates on our profiles and market information gives us lot of comfort in our dealings.

Wayne Grace and Ronnie Dennison
Directors Sekunjalo Piping and Manufacturing

At last! The financial advisor I have dreamed of and can trust!

We are creative business owners who are great at what we do but have very little interest in the nitty-gritty of what it actually takes to build wealth – or even just be free of financial worries. And yet we sure know how to spend money!

Over the years I have had several “financial advisors” who mounted to nothing but policy salespeople, steering me towards excessive live insurance, or dubious policies with what turned out to be absurd hidden costs. This is why I was actively looking for an advisor who charges a fee upfront and then gives objective advice. Robert really put the hours in over a series of meetings, asking the right questions and genuinely listening.

Robert is patient, organized and methodical. He met us at our level, tailoring his approach to our ADD personalities and financial cluelessness, without ever over-simplifying or being patronizing. He never flinches at being asked the same question for the fifteenth time, and he answers emails freakishly promptly. We did quite a radical overhaul, and he made it painless and simple just giving us a sense of calm.

It is honestly the first time I have had an advisor I feel is advocating for us, without ulterior motives. Someone who is passionate and knowledgeable about what he does, so we don’t have to be. Someone who is keeping his eye on our portfolio, who is alert to the movements of the markets and new opportunities and who continues to keep us in mind as time passes.

We can’t recommend him highly enough!

Ms. Amy Allais & Yaniv Chen
OlaFilms Director | Interior Architect

Thorough, professional and he has earned my highest respect

In the short time I have come to know Rob and used his services as my financial advisor for my retirement plan, I have learnt so much about the world of investment.

Rob is very thorough and professional and he has earned my highest respect for his approach to my portfolio both local and overseas. He is not someone who merely does the proverbial tick-box exercise that a lot of “so-called” FAs do when they assess their client’s needs. He does a thorough assessment, gets to understand your concerns and needs, and guides you through the process with experience and calmness. He has a natural ability to access his client’s level of understanding and can adjust his approach instantly. My only wish is that I had met Rob 20 Years Ago! I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship in the future.

Susan Geyser
Former Chief Financial Officer for the DA (retired 2021)

A forward thinking and flexible professional

Rob has been our financial adviser for more than 10 years and he is always available to help.  He has extensive knowledge of the various products on the market and always recommend the best options suitable to individual or family needs.  We will continue to use his service as a forward thinking and flexible professional. Dit is wonderlik om met n profesionele adviseur soos Rob te werk.  Sy fokus is nie n korttermyn oplossing nie, maar eerder n lantermyn verhouding.  Dit behels altyd die beste moontlike produkte op die mark.

Jacobus and Marietjie Malan
Prokureurs /Notarisse/ Aktebesorgers

Rob has an ability to decipher and solve complex financial situations

I had previously been with a financial advisor for around 10 years. I lost around 10-15% of my investment value in early 2020, I subsequently approached Sygnia Asset Managers for advice as to who they would recommend as advisor. They recommended Robert Taylor the founder of Stocks + Wealth Financial Planning, I switched to him in April 2020. After a thorough investigation Rob made certain structural investment recommendations. He brought down my investment management fees from 2.35 % to less than 1%. More importantly, within about 6 weeks from moving the funds to the new investments, the losses of earlier in the year were recovered. Luck? Yes there was an improvement in the markets but the overall improvement was not due to luck but to making sound portfolio decisions.

Rob has an ability to decipher and solve complex financial situations which are always in my best interest. I have already recommended long-term close friends and family to consult with him, and would do so with confidence again.

Dr Johan Strumpfer
Lecturer UCT Business School

He gave me a sound understanding of the risk, rewards & fine-print

Rob Taylor has been my broker & financial advisor for 10 + years, the most important thing for me with any policies that I have in my portfolio, is to have a sound understanding of the risk, rewards & ultimately the fine print with these commitments. Rob personally flew up from Cape Town & took me through every detail. His future financial planning systems & processes has given me the confidence to not only invest with all my affairs but with my families.

Ricardo da Costa
Director Soul Candi LIVE, Altitude Beach, The Ivy

His abilities & integrity provides me peace of mind

Mr Robert Taylor has been my personal broker since 2009.
He has a positive track record and extensive experience in his field.  This has given me immense confidence in his abilities to not only manage my portfolio in a professional and satisfactory manner but his integrity also provides me peace of mind. I highly recommend his financial practice Stocks + Wealth Financial Planning.

Mrs Bonnita Botha
Professional Photographer

Ethical, professional and knowledgeable

I have known Rob since 2010 first as a friend and then as my financial advisor. Rob is passionate about what he does and is very ethical, professional and knowledgeable! He is patient and will go the extra mile for you to ensure you understand all the financial jargon to ensure that all your needs and preferences are met.  His dedication to clients, business excellence and education sets him apart and I would highly recommend him for sound financial advice.

Tejal Kalan

We are extremely happy

Rob has been our financial advisor since 2017.
As pensioners, we would like to thank you for the careful way you keep our costs down, yet manage to grow and protect our investments in these volatile markets. We are extremely happy since moving to Stocks and Wealth and appreciate all your excellent advise, knowledge and professionalism.

Charmaine & Robert Hosmer

Takes the current and future wellbeing of his clients very seriously

Having personally experienced some of the consequences of growing up in a time when financial products were often more commission driven than for the long term benefit of the client it is very reassuring to find someone who takes the current and future wellbeing of his clients very seriously. The investment market is uncertain and needs commitment of those that guide us through the maze of decisions which need to be made. Rob’s fees are reasonable and clearly articulated.

Rob has the special ability of being able to guide one through the legal jargon and leading one to logical outcomes. During the few years that Rob has managed my portfolio he has shown that he takes a proactive rather than passive stance to managing even my small investment. The outcomes have been positive even during these turbulent times. I recommend Rob as a person of integrity who continues to keep abreast of the developments in the financial sector.

Walter and Margaret Licata
Management Information Specialist

Always up to date with the latest markets & financial trends

Robert Taylor has been my Financial Adviser for some 15 years. It is my pleasure to give a reference, he is knowledgeable, honest, helpful & always up to date with the latest markets & financial trends.   He keeps a close eye  on investments under his portfolio & acts swiftly on any market changes, always giving sound advice and recommendations.

I am happy & satisfied with his management of my portfolio & the results he has achieved. I gladly & confidently recommend him to potential investors.

Peter Clifton
Former Director of Morcor Pty Ltd and Dunlop | Retired

Offers a wealth of knowledge in terms of financial planning and guidance

I was introduced to Rob Taylor about 10 years ago when he set up a retirement annuity policy for me through the company I worked for at the time.  Rob has been managing my portfolio ever since with the utmost integrity and offers a wealth of knowledge in terms of financial planning and guidance.  I really could not recommend anyone better to entrust your financial affairs with.

Shelley McMaster
Accountant Medi Health

Wonderful way of simplifying what can be very complicated scenarios

Having been a client of Rob Taylor’s for many years now – after somewhat disastrous dealings with so-called “financial advisors” in the past- I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Rob has a wonderful way of simplifying what can be very complicated scenarios and a keen sense for what best works for what you require, with no agenda of pushing a product that doesn’t suit those requirements. He is thorough, things are done promptly and with absolute minimum admin (for the client!). On top of this, Rob Taylor is constantly progressing in his field through continuous studying in his field which I found incredibly impressive. His success is yours.

Gavin Williams
Creative Director and Partner, NorthVCA

His enthusiasm is catching

Robert has been our trusted financial advisor for what must be close to 20 years, possibly even longer, it’s been that long. His enthusiasm is catching and his knowledge of financial planning and economic trends are unsurpassed. We have always appreciated his good advice. If you are looking for an honest and dependable financial adviser, then we can highly recommend Robert.

Greg & Sophia Spires
Former Director IBM

Extremely professional, honest and transparent

Robert Taylor has managed my husband Mark and I’s investments for over 10 years and we have found him to be extremely professional, honest and transparent with our options.  He also offers very competitive rates which are hard to beat.  He has recently taken over my retired mother’s investment and doubled her income as soon as the policies were effective.  I’d recommend him to anyone who aims to invest intelligently and responsibly.

Penny Reid and Mark Wicking Baird
SABC Account Executive | CEO - Agricorp

Rob has gone above and beyond the call of duty

I would like to thank Rob Taylor for his honesty and for all that he has done for us by showing what sound, professional financial service is all about.  Rob has gone above and beyond the call of duty to assist us with our retirement funds and by educating us about how we should invest our money.  I highly recommend Rob to take care of your financial needs.

Kevin and Jill Yates

Always ensures my portfolio is managed in line with my expectations

I have had the pleasure of knowing Rob for many years and he has assisted me in implementing and managing my risk and investment planning for over a decade. When my firstborn arrived, Rob assisted me in setting up my portfolio and made it effortless for me. I cannot express enough how he always goes above and beyond to ensure my portfolio is managed in line with my expectations and myself and my wife are always kept up to date with opportunities in the offshore arena as well as changes in legislation. We emigrated from SA last year and Rob has ensured our peace of mind. If you are ever seeking sound financial advice, then he is by far my recommendation.

Jon, Michelle, James & Amy Roth
General Manager at Your Palawan Property in the Philippines

His exceptional knowledge ensures there are no questions left unanswered

Passion, knowledge and a genuine interest in achieving the best results for his clients are what makes Robert Taylor a truly professional Financial Adviser. His expertise within the financial sector and his outstanding business acumen allow him to provide exemplary returns for his clients.

Rob has a very welcoming, professional and personable nature, and he works with absolute integrity to provide his clients with sound financial advice.

His exceptional knowledge within his industry ensures there are no questions left unanswered in determining the right strategy for his clients.

It is an absolute pleasure working with Rob and he earns my highest recommendation.

Ms. Sharmila Ragunanan
Dream Resorts and Hotels - Group Marketing Manager

Changed my entire outlook on finance

I have always been sceptical of so-called “financial advisors” who are usually there to broker a product which in my experience suited their needs more than mine. One meeting with Robert Taylor of Stocks + Wealth Financial Planning changed my entire outlook on finance. His thorough, honest and straightforward approach to managing my money showed me that getting the correct professional investment advice is not something that only cocktail sipping billionaires should consider.

Garth Welman

Highly impressed with his relentless energy & passion

I became a client of Robert Taylor in February 2019. I value his transparent advice and I am highly impressed with his relentless energy & passion demonstrated every time I reach out to get direction in financial labyrinths, no matter how small they might be.

I am happy to recommend his services and practice Stocks + Wealth Financial Planning to my friends and anyone looking for direction & advise in financial planning.

Mr.Janusz Szuta
Logistics Management

Returns in excess of the market benchmark and my overall objectives

Stocks +Wealth Financial Planning c/o Mr Robert Taylor have managed my investment portfolio since May 2017. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Robert Taylor for a superb service .I commend him in terms of meeting all my requirements in terms of sincerity, transparency and competency.

Rob has been proactive in managing my investment strategy which has resulted in generating returns in excess of the market benchmark and my overall objectives. I find with Rob, I can call him any time of the day or on weekends to query information and his response and service is unquestionable.

He has been an absolute pleasure to deal with and has always been able to answer my questions even outside of the portfolio under management. As a client of Rob’s I can certainly recommend him and his financial practice to anyone interested in increasing their wealth portfolio in a manner that is congruent with transparency, traditional values and putting a client’s interests first.

Mr. John Rogers
Ex CEO Secequip LTD - Retired

Greatly appreciated his help in supporting me through my investment journey

My wife and I have been working with Robert Taylor since January 2021 when I took early retirement from a management consulting firm after nearly 33 years of employment. Rob initially assisted me with the development of a holistic investment and financial strategy considering my pension payout and other investment assets that I had accumulated to that point.

He helped finalise and implement my investment strategy and has since assisted with minor adjustments that I needed to make due to my changing circumstances. I spent many months engaging with different financial advisers/institutions before venturing forth with Rob as my trusted adviser and I have greatly appreciated his help in supporting me through my investment journey. I would summarise his most notable professional attributes as follows:

1. His ability to analyse one’s financial situation and develop sound investment strategies and plans that are based on appropriate investment risk and a broad view of investment mechanisms/products

2. He has remained accessible and available at short notice

3. He provides a wealth of knowledge in terms of the investment market, who the institutions are, what they have to offer, how they function, and how to invest with them when appropriate

4. He demonstrates experience, wisdom and maturity in dealing with client’s investments

5. He engages efficiently with financial institutions to execute and implement one’s investment plan

6. He is transparent and predictable when agreeing and charging for his services

7. He offers ongoing market insight and encouragement as and when markets fluctuate.

My experience in working with Rob as a financial adviser has been positive and I would highly recommend his services to anyone considering the financial investment journey I have undertaken. I enjoy his light-hearted personal engagement and empathy when our Premier League soccer team takes a beating.

Glenn Harvey
Management & Information Systems Consultant

Provided us with clarity & complete peace of mind

Robert Taylor became our financial advisor in May 2021. We can highly recommend his financial practice: Stocks + Wealth Financial Planning.

He has provided us with excellent personalized and transparent service.

Rob is very generous in sharing his knowledge and has helped us immensely with our financial planning, in particular, his assessments and interpretation of our financial matters have provided us with clarity and complete peace of mind.

Bettina Haug & Dr Peter Haug
Euroflora Landscaping | Neurologist