We are creative business owners who are great at what we do but have very little interest in the nitty-gritty of what it actually takes to build wealth – or even just be free of financial worries. And yet we sure know how to spend money!

Over the years I have had several “financial advisors” who mounted to nothing but policy salespeople, steering me towards excessive live insurance, or dubious policies with what turned out to be absurd hidden costs. This is why I was actively looking for an advisor who charges a fee upfront and then gives objective advice. Robert really put the hours in over a series of meetings, asking the right questions and genuinely listening.

Robert is patient, organized and methodical. He met us at our level, tailoring his approach to our ADD personalities and financial cluelessness, without ever over-simplifying or being patronizing. He never flinches at being asked the same question for the fifteenth time, and he answers emails freakishly promptly. We did quite a radical overhaul, and he made it painless and simple just giving us a sense of calm.

It is honestly the first time I have had an advisor I feel is advocating for us, without ulterior motives. Someone who is passionate and knowledgeable about what he does, so we don’t have to be. Someone who is keeping his eye on our portfolio, who is alert to the movements of the markets and new opportunities and who continues to keep us in mind as time passes.

We can’t recommend him highly enough!